NBA Preview: Howard may miss the Rockets to counter the Warriors to tie the total score _1

NBA Preview: Howard may miss the Rockets to counter the Warriors to tie the total score
The Houston Rockets did not play well in the Western Conference finals. Tomorrow they will continue to play against the Golden State Warriors.Harden wants to continue full performance. Howard’s left knee sprain is doubtful. The Rockets want to go forward and rebound. They want to hit the victory and strive to tie the total score.The Warriors want to maintain their home strength, the Splash Brothers want to drive the team’s offense and defense performance, the Warriors lead again to win and get a 2-0 lead.(ESPN TV/CCTV-5 live broadcast of Oracle Arena at 9 o’clock on May 22, Beijing time) Who will actually die?  Although Harden sent a quasi-three doubles performance, Howard was accidentally injured by his teammate Josh Smith, and the Rockets lost in the Western Conference finals. They trailed 0-1.Tomorrow to continue to play as a guest, the Rockets want to break through the rebound, they want to snatch home advantage.For the Rockets, the most unfavorable news is Howard’s injury. After inspection, Howard’s left knee is not a contusion, but a sprain. There is doubt whether he can play in the second game.It’s very painful, and it’s been like this since yesterday’s game, Howard said.Whether he can play tomorrow is uncertain, McHale can only wait for the team doctor’s notice.  We will send other players, certainly not 4-5, McHale novels, we will deal with these tomorrow, and now I will not guess, I will see how he feels to make a decision tomorrow, and then make corresponding adjustments.Although McHale did not find out more news, a Houston reporter found that if Howard can not play, Capella will likely start the game, but the Rockets’ offensive inside will definitely be greatly affected.  This is a long series, we will not affect our mentality just because we lose the first game.Howard said he was absent from training today.  If Howard really can’t play, Harden must assume more responsibility, he will bring more help to the team on the court.For the Rockets, they need Harden to drive the team with better performance.In addition to Harden, the Rockets also need other players to play better. Ariza must strive to maintain his state. He must bring fire support to the team from the outside. Terry and Brewer must play a greater offensive role.Smith is a team that needs an offensive point very much. He wants to contribute to the offense. Jones also needs help from the inside.  The Warriors will continue to stay at home tomorrow, and they need the Splash Brothers to remain aggressive to impact the 2-0 lead.The Warriors were 16 points behind in the second quarter of the first game, but they set off a counterattack and quickly smoothed the gap.Curry showed the value of MVP in the first game. He gave the team a great help outside the three-point line. Tomorrow he has to maintain his feel at home and he has to continue to play an offensive role.Thompson puts pressure on Harden defensively, and he also helps the team a lot during the offense. If he can maintain a touch on the perimeter, the Splash Brothers will create more trouble for the Rockets’ defense.  Green also plays an important role on the court. He supports the Shuihua Brothers with a comprehensive performance. Tomorrow he and Barnes will give the team more help on defense.Without Howard, Bogut’s internal defensive pressure will be reduced too much, he has to help the team protect the three seconds zone.Livingston on the bench, Iguodala and others want to contribute more to the team.  Both teams rely heavily on three-pointers. The Warriors made 10 of 29 three-pointers in the opening game, the Rockets made 8 of 22 shots, and Curry made 6 of 11 shots. How will the three-point performance of the two sides give the game progress?Small impact.  This season, the Rockets were swept by the Warriors. Counting the first game of the series, they have lost to the Warriors 5 times this season.As a guest at Oracle Arena, the Rockets have lost 4 consecutive times.  Both teams are expected to start the first-tier Rockets: Terry, Harden, Ariza, Smith, Capella Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Green, Bogut